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Culturally relevant academic offerings for a holistic education.

Featured Mini-Course

Ms. Yaretzi's Coding Crew

Block coding for 3rd-6th grade!


About 1kNaCl

Our name is Thousand Grains of Salt, but friends call us 1kNaCl!

Our name comes from the phrase "take it with a pinch of salt". 

A pinch is "a thousand grains" -- 1k is shorthand for thousand

and NaCl is the chemical formula for salt!

Our Mission

We want to build a community of critical thinkers and lifelong learners through education, personal development, and networking.

We do this through building education around student needs and interests,

whether in the classroom, through earth education, or one-on-one instruction!

Our Vision

Together, we can build a community that empowers children to grow up to be successful adults who have strong skillsets, good values, and great goals.

They are the next generation of businessfolk, change makers, and innovators!


Our Home Languages Spotlight

Ms. Ashley, 1kNaCl Staff

“If you are looking for a program that prioritizes both your child's and family's needs, you found it! We work with families and schools to ensure your child gets the most out of their education and are prepared for life."
23-24 calendar.PNG

2023-24 Academic School Year

Make note of the different breaks we take throughout the year! We serve families from various cultural backgrounds that observe a variety of holidays and traditions. We do our best to move our breaks around the greatest concentrations of festivities!

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