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Little Learners  is designed to equip students with a strong foundation in reading, writing, comprehension, and phonological skills as well as in mathematics and critical thinking.


Students meet virtually twice a week on for highly interactive 45 minute sessions. Times vary, as students are split into four tracks for each subject, depending on their current skill level.


Little Learners English meets virtually for 45 minutes on Mondays and Wednesdays, while Little Learners Math meets virtually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sessions start starting August 21st, with late start sessions beginning October 2nd.


Semester costs are listed in the drop downs, but can be broken up into monthly payment options as well. Submitting this form holds a spot for your student, but does not automatically bill you.


Please note that this is an interest form ONLY! An interest form must be submitted for each student, and a staff member will follow up with you afterward. Students are not enrolled in a course until payment or a voucher/PO is recieved. For more information, please refer to the funding section of the Student and Family Handbook.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I tell which group my student should be enrolled in?

We determine which group a student should be placed in by assessing their current skills and abilities, so before your student joins any group, they will go through an assessment process with one of our staff.


How does my student attend sessions?

Once your student is fully enrolled, you will recieve a Zoom code and Seesaw login information. Students log into Zoom for their live sessions, and will do additional work asynchronously over Seesaw.


Do you provide the books?

Yes--all core supplies are included in Little Learners boxes.


The semester has already started. Can I add my student in?

Yes, however, we will work together to set an official start date.


I want my student to get pushed. Can I put them in a higher group?

Just like placing a student in a group that is below their level will tend to make them feel bored and uninterested, placing a student in a group that is above their level can cause anxiety and stress. Both can cause a student to begin to hate the subject and avoid it. This is part of the reason we avoid sorting students by grade: they are more likely to excel if instruction more closely matches their current needs.


Are you a vendor for my charter school?

Probably! We have agreements with about a dozen schools, and, if your school is not on that list, we are willing to pursue vendorship with additional schools.

Little Learners

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